Does Glucosamine Really Help Your Joints?

Does Glucosamine Really Help Your Joints?

Glucosamine is a naturally occuring chemical produced by our bodies. It is in the fluids around our joints, and helps create the other chemicals that build ligaments, tendon, and cartilage. These soft tissues protect the ends of the bones from rubbing against each other and act like cushioning when you move. Thus, the state of these tissues is essential to joint health.

Degeneration of the joint tissues can happen with cartilage damage, musculoskeletal injuries, and progressive chronic conditions, and is often a major concern for individuals as they age. However, many studies have shown good evidence that taking glucosamine orally is effective in aiding joint health, and preventing joint-related disease.

For example, knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis that affects singular joints. Throughout the progress of this disease, the tissues in and around the joints become worn down. This minimizes the shock absorption abilities of your joints. Symptoms of osteoarthritis include join pain, stiffness, and eventual loss of function.

A study published by the American Medical Association has shown that the added intake of glucosamine helped in delaying the long-term progression of knee osteoarthritis. As you age, the regeneration of essential amino acids, sugars, and proteins slows down. By supplementing your natural stores of glucosamine, you are stimulating the production of collagen, which gives your soft tissues elasticity. Your cartilage begins to rebuild inside your joints as it receives the essential nutrients.

Another study published by BJSM suggests that a regular dosage of glucosamine may be as effective at pain reduction as ibuprofen, a common pain relief drug. After receiving glucosamine therapy, participants reported less joint pain. Thus, you may find that the short-term supplemental use of glucosamine eases your joint pain, and you may prefer the lower side effects of glucosamine over ibuprofen. Be sure to always follow the recommended guidelines for dosage on the packaging.

Provide your body with the building blocks it needs to create healthy tissue, and you help your body heal itself!

Where can I get glucosamine?

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By Courtney Chan, Chiropractic Assistant