More Pollution? Time To Detox!

It was just over a week ago that we woke up to a red sky, smoky air, blowing in from the devastating forest fires inland.  Today i look out my window, and am struck by the grey veil that blankets the entire lower mainland, from the ground, seemingly up to the stratosphere.  The sun is ominously red.  A week ago, people were saying it felt like “living on Mars” and “the end of the world” to quote a few.  We are exposed to an enormous amount of pollution right now.

Now, though, it is starting to seem normal.  Kind of funny how that is.  Mountains that were once visible in what seemed like high-definition, are now just a shadow.  In some cases, they are not visible at all.

Here is an easy question:  Does pollution affect your health?  Sure it does.  Just the way toxins build up in the air, they also build up in us.  Like our environment, after a while, it starts to seem normal.

What can you do about pollution?

There are three types of stress (Physical, Chemical, and Emotional).  Pollution is a source of chemical stress to our bodies.   What strategies do you have right now to fight chemical stress?

  • You can drink lots of filtered water,
  • reduce your exposure to the outdoors,
  • reduce your exposure to other toxins (sugars, alcohol, caffeine, preservatives, pesticides, etc)

A lot of those things can be really hard to do, and honestly, I don’t think most people know how to reduce the toxins in their life, or even know what the toxins are.  I could write a book about that.

Supplements are essential!

A great way EASILY help your body fight toxicity is by taking supplements.  This improves your body’s ability to eliminate toxins by providing more of the nutrients you need to get rid of them.

There is a company based in BC (Summerland, I think) called Nutrisearch.  They evaluate over a thousand supplements, and publish the findings and rankings every few years.  Their highest rated product world-wide is one called USANA CellSentials.    If you have taken supplements before, and didn’t feel a difference in your health, I will tell you these supplements are different.  You will feel the difference.  I could easily sell other products in my office that give higher profits, but I sell this one because it is the one I take every day, and I only give the best to me and my patients, and honestly it is an amazing value.

For kids, I recommend VITA Kids by Douglas Laboratories.  These are really affordable, and manufactured by a NutriSearch 5-star Gold Medal company.

Usana supplements are available in my office or online at