Una Vita

drastically different chiropractic.

We began by embracing a vision of a new culture where people naturally unleash their inner healing power. We developed and grew because of our passion for perfection in sport and performance. We continuously hone our skills and embrace research and technology to humbly learn and grow.  All of this with one goal in mind: an easy and uplifting experience for our guests, that helps them get health freedom, and achieve their hopes and dreams.  

1: culture

Bountiful health achieved naturally.

Our founder, Dr. Barone, was raised in Canada by Italian immigrants.  He was also raised in a culture where the first thing we did when we got sick, was take pills.    His mother suffered from severe debilitating headaches and the pills she was prescribed made his mother more sick.   This resulted in even more pills.  She got sicker and sicker and was hospitalized twice due to her chronic illness.  Our vision began when his mother made a life and death decision:  She visited a chiropractor.  This is when she embraced a new culture where she used chiropractic to unleash the natural healing power of her body.

Her MD that prescribed the pills was ecstatic that she became healthy enough to get off the medications forever.  What doctor wouldn’t be happy to see that?  That’s why Dr. Barone decided to become a doctor of chiropractic.

2: Quality

Time-tested 3-step process (alignment, tone, motion) to address the underlying cause.

There are three parts to every Una Vita visit.  First we align the spine and improve posture using brain-based adjusting methods that require minimal force (Activator and/or Thompson Technique).  This maximizes comfort for all our guests.  Second we address the spinal tone and the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid to reduce the underlying tension that causes misalignment.  These first two techniques have the intention of reducing interference in the nervous system, which controls our muscles (and whole body).  The third step, is to work on the motion using Active Release Techniques and specific adjustments in specific areas to get your body moving and flowing.

With this foundation we are able to provide care that is thoughtful and personalized for every guest, at any age. 

3: Evolution

Science always changes.  Our guests’ needs always change.  We always change.

We welcome progress.  In our office we welcome technology.  We minimize guess-work.

We use computerized posture analysis, computerized range of motion, muscle EMG scans, heart rate variability and thermal scan on every examination.  We use computerized gait analysis and x-ray when needed.  These scans give us objective outcome markers, which is data we can use to track your progress, a step lacking at many other practices. 

We even offer affordable class 4 laser therapy to accelerate healing.

This is all in addition to the minimum requirements (history, orthopaedic exam, etc) outlined by our licensing boards.

We continuously strive to make your visits faster, safer and more effective, because we think it is fun to deliver the best goods to you.  It makes us all happy.


4: far-side Simplicity

Keep it simple, smartie-pants!

At the same time we try to make YOUR job as the guest simple.  We always listen.  We continuously train ourselves and modify our techniques to make them more gentle and safe.  We strive for courtesy so you and your family are smiling and feel at home.  We work hard to make your visits fast and efficient.  We make scheduling convenient both online and over the phone.  We train our staff to handle you with more care.  We never stop, so that you and your family can keep going.

We want your visit, your experience, and your health progress to be predictable and uplifting.

5: Honesty

The least possible intervention to get the best possible health.  

We promise we will provide no care unless it is needed to help you reach your goals.  We will check you and modify your care at every visit and at every exam.

We promise to do our best to listen to your needs and give you the best advice to help you and your family.   Our only motive is to give you the best health care experience possible.

We always support you and your goals.  We want your visit to be fun and uplifting,  and for you to get health freedom so you can achieve your hopes and dreams.