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I love the holidays, and I love to eat, so holiday dinners are my favourite!  Buttery potatoes, juicy roasts, colourful trifles… you name it, I’m all over it!

The problem is that I often find myself going overboard, especially at a party. At best, I end up with a tummy ache afterwards, and at worst I find myself getting sick days afterwards. This year, I plan on sticking to a plan so I don’t end up with that awful rolling-on-the-floor feeling. Here’s how:


Have a pre-party snack before going out, to curb any tendency to overeat. Choose something that has protein in it, like yogurt or nuts. Protein requires more time and energy from your stomach to break down than other macro-nutrients, so you feel a little fuller for longer.

Eat and be merry

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water during the day of and the day after a holiday event. During dinner, have a non-alcoholic drink between glasses of alcoholic beverages, like soda, juice, or water. Your throat and your head will thank you!

When filling up your plate, choose the best-for-you foods first (like vegetables) before moving on to other, richer offerings. Don’t hang around the buffet table during appetizers. Grab what you like, and then move to another area where you can socialize without the urge to constantly graze.


Don’t skip meals to compensate for a large dinner or extra drinks. It’s important to continue to consume vital micro-nutrients to help your body recover and stay on top of your health, so have a balanced breakfast such as a spinach and mushroom omelette.

A smoothie is another great way to get your nutrients in. What I love about them is that you can throw almost any fruit or vegetable in and it will taste delicious. If you want to really level up on the nutritional benefits, you can add one scoop of a whole food supplement and mix it in so the taste of it is practically invisible! (If you choose one like Green’s First, it also tastes great on its own!)

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Happy holidays, and bon apétit!

By Courtney Chan, Chiropractic Assistant