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Your Visit Fees

We are always improving our process to give you the best care at the most reasonable fees possible.  Our goal is to give you the best service, best location, best care, and, the greatest value.

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We frequently have patients tell us that they expected our exam to cost hundreds of dollars more than we charge.  Why would you pay the same elsewhere to get less?

Years ago, we made the decision to create a process where we could include the best care possible at no additional fee for our patients.  That meant changing our location, buying equipment, and most importantly, hiring staff to help you.   We invested in the staff, technology (and love) to give you the best service possible.

Additional Services

We have selected just the right adjunctive therapies to complement your adjustment and help you accelerate your healing.  We have invested heavily into these items so that you can receive the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time, with the highest degree of certainty.