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What to expect on your first visit

We have designed a new patient experience to help inspire and educate you before your first adjustment.  Our members have have told us that this process makes them feel more comfortable and able to make great decisions for their health.

Step 1:  Schedule online or on the phone.

We have two convenient ways to schedule:

  • Visit our online booking site
  • Call (604-461-2725) or visit our office and one of our staff will help you

Step 2:  Intake forms

After you schedule, you will be emailed a link to fill in intake forms.  You do not need a printer, you just fill them out on your phone or computer.  It takes most people about ten, to fifteen minutes to fill out.  The more you fill out, the better prepared the doctor will be.

Step 3: Show up for your visit

Your first visit is 45 minutes and it includes:

  • A brief orientation video
  • Meet with the doctor and talk about your history, and perform a thorough physical and orthopaedic exam
  • You will be told a preliminary set of diagnoses
  • Computerized range of motion testing
  • Spinal surface EMG
  • Spinal thermal scan
  • Pulse wave profile stress test
  • Computerized photographic posture analysis

Your first visit will be complete.  Our staff will collect your data, touch up your pictures, run it all through proprietary algorithms and prepare it to present at your second visit.  Our members appreciate that we take the time to study the findings to see if we can help you.

Step 4: Your second visit

Your second visit is 45 minutes and includes

  • Exploring your goals
  • A review of your presenting issues
  • A detailed review of scan findings and diagnoses
  • A recommendation for care
  • An explanation of what to expect
  • A printed copy of your reports
  • Your first adjustment

Step 5: Do whatever you want…

Our number one goal is figuring out what you want, and if we can help you.  How long you benefit from our care is always up to you.