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Sometimes we make things too complicated. Consider it a bug in the programming of our DNA.
We complicate our health care, our relationships, parenting, our diet, even love.
Deep down we know the rules, and what is right, yet somehow, that simplicity all too often gets poisoned by peer pressure, ulterior motives, confusion, even greed of others, and even fear.

I was relatively fresh out of school in 2002. I was in Las Vegas at a seminar (more like a festival) with 5000 Chiropractors. There was a buzz because one by the name of Dr. James Sigafoose was speaking that day.

Like I typically do in situations where I anticipate getting my mind blown, I sat in the front row. Up on the stage came this man with grey hair, white beard, not particularly fit, extremely soft spoken. He spoke to the audience softly, as if he was holding them in his hands like a small bird… gentle enough not to hurt them, but tight enough for them to not fly away.

I didn’t really get it.

It wasn’t until many years later that I started to understand his clarity, simplicity, and at the core of it all was just his love.  I didn’t see it at the time, because I was used to making things complicated (university does that to a guy).  To me, complicated was probably better!  I now believe the opposite is true.  Focus and clarity are much more important, especially on days like today, where we focus even more on the people we love.

I want to share this special Valentine’s day message with you all. I want you all to remember where all your emotions, every memory, and every experience in your life comes from.

Is that not amazing that love can change the world.  It all starts with loving one person at a time, and before you know it, the whole world has changed.

Happy Valentine’s Day