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Play like a pro!


Performance: It’s what we do.


Since 2000 we have provided care to hundreds of professional and elite performers.  This includes athletes, musicians, actors, and dancers of all ages.


Our team includes an Internationally Certified  Chiropractic Sport Physician and certified provider of Active Release Techniques. We have expertise in strength and conditioning,  and have developed proprietary techniques for stretching.  We have provided care at over 12 IronMan Canada Triathlons and other sport and artistic events on 4 continents.  Maybe we can help you.  



Music is in our genes.  We know the physical and psychological demands of learning and playing music.  We have cared for hundreds of dancers in our office, and in international competitions.  Our goal is to remove the pain and physical interference, and let your energy, expression and passion flow.




From student posture syndrome, repetitive strain, to physical education class, we are passionate about helping you get your body and mind functioning at its best.   We are able to provide supportive tips for ergonomics and posture to empower you to reach new academic heights without the physical pain.