Are You In Pain?

We can help you.

Where does it hurt?

If you are in pain you can check out our interactive “Where does it hurt” page.  Just click on the area of your body where you feel symptoms and get insight into how we may be able to help you at Una Vita.


Many headaches are caused by problems in the neck, or muscles in the jaw.  Using our methods, we have helped over 1000 patients get permanent relief from headaches over the last 18 years.  

Sport Injury

We have the experience and expertise to help you while you reach for your hopes and dreams.  Our staff are certified in sport chiropractic and exercise sciences to help you maximize your performance.   Our blend of posture enhancement, alignment, tonal release and Active Release Techniques gives us results that are second to none.

Common problems:

  • hip and gluteal strain
  • patellofemoral and iliotibial band syndrome
  • plantar fasciitis
  • tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • rotator cuff syndrome


Repetitive Strain and Posture

Everyday aches and pains can linger for decades.   We are here to offer you and every member of your family lasting solutions to improve posture and to help you recover.

Common conditions:

  • frozen shoulder
  • chronic neck pain
  • chronic low back pain
  • chronic shoulder pain
  • slouching and tilted shoulders