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So you are driving home from the airport after a nice vacation with your family in Disneyland. They are asleep in the back seat and WHAM, you get rear-ended..

At least, that’s what happened to me last August. And like me, you may have gotten Whiplash.

The symptoms may start right away, or they can start unto a week later. Here are a few tips to help you get the best care possible.

1: Get Chiropractic Care Right Away

It may seem logical to wait a while for things to “settle down.” Research has shown, and we have seen in our office that the best results occur if chiropractic care is started immediately.  It is during this early assessment that we can plan care that is appropriate for you or your family member so you get the best outcome.  The longer you wait, the bigger chance you have of problems setting in and becoming chronic.

2: Take Responsibility!

Someone else may be responsible for injuring you. They are NOT responsible for getting you better.   Taking a positive attitude at this stage will help raise you out of the “victim” role and into the “awesome, in control, I can survive anything and kick some butt” role.  That means the most important thing is to take responsibility so you and your family can get well and stay well.

Think forward one year after your accident.  You acted positively and received the recommended care.  You made time in your schedule to attend your visits.  You followed through.  You feel great and have no longer have any physical signs of being in an accident.   You get a call and receive a settlement for all your bills, your car is replaced AND you get a monetary settlement of thousands on top of that.  It is a win-win situation.

Now imagine the alternative.  For one reason or another, do not get the care you need, and one year later, you are still in pain.  You are suffering every day, and get more and more angry with the system.  You feel helpless because you have “tried” everything but were just too busy to follow through.  Months pass, and years pass.  When you are suffering, there is no settlement in the world that will feel satisfactory.

In most cases ICBC will fully repay you for your visit fees on a periodic basis, or they will refund you when your settlement is finished.  If you have a lawyer, you can also arrange for your lawyer to pay for your visits (called a “direction to pay”) during your care.

3: Transition to the Wellness Lifestyle

The average whiplash case requires about 24-30 visits over the first 12 weeks, and at this stage roughly 90% of people will feel great.   A large study concluded that 80% of people who stop care at this stage will have their symptoms back within the next year.  OUCH.

The good news is that in the same study, 80% of patients who continued with wellness care every two weeks not only avoided relapse, but continued to improve in their health and quality of life.

In other words, your symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are often underlying issues that will re-surface just with the stresses of everyday life.  Make sure that when you address your injury, you don’t just address the symptoms, but address and correct the underlying problems so you are not disappointed in a year’s time.



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